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Cancer and Psersonal Spiritual Realism

Majid Ali, M.D. An individual with cancer has special needs for support. Such support can come from different sources. Spirituality is one of those sources. I coined the term “Personal Spiritual Realism” for a brand of spiritualism that focuses on the “personhood” of the individual seeking spirituality, as well as the sense of realism of that individualism. I use┬áthe term

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Thyroid Cancer – Types and Incidences

Majid Ali, M.D. Thyroid cancers are classified according to the microscopic features of the tumors. Following are major types: 1. Papillary thyroid cancer (75% to 85% of cases) Often in young females 2. Follicular thyroid cancer (10% to 20% of cases) 3. Medullary thyroid cancer (5% to 8% of cases)- Arises from parafollicular cells 4. Poorly differentiated thyroid cancer 5.

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