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What Diseases Does Ozone Cure?

Majid Ali, M.D. What diseases does ozone cure? None. If that is true, why do I prescribe ozone infusions for some of my patients? Because it is a valuable oxygen therapy. But saying that zone has clinical benefits is altogether different than saying ozone cures anything. The first statement is fully supported b scientific facts. The second statement is unture

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Oxygen and Oxystatic Therapies

Oxygen Therapies Majid Ali, M.D. n 1999, I introduced the term oxystatic therapies for treatments that restore oxygen homeostasis in the body.1 My purpose then was to keep a sharp focus on all the elements that compromise oxygen-driven functions of the body—energetic, metabolic, immune, detoxification, and regenerative—and so interfere with body’s healing responses. This is a crucial issue also in

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