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Oxygen Signaling

  Majid Ali, M.D. I coined the term oxygen signaling to refer to all biological roles of oxygen in which the presence or absence of oxygen triggers, perpetuates, modifies, suppresses, or terminates biologic reactions with or without direct involvement of energy generation, utilization, conservation, or storage.  Oxygen Is the Organizing Principle of Human Biology and Governs the Aging Process In started

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Molecular Biology of Oxygen Simplified

Majid Ali, M.D.  Oxygen’s Three-Legged Throne Majid Ali, M.D.                       Oxygen Simplified When there is some stress on one of oxygen’s three-legged throne, the other two legs strengthen the leg under stress, but up to a point. Beyond that, every weakness of one leg weakens the other two. the three legs is s         

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Oxygen’s Three-legged Throne

Majid Ali, M.D. Oxygen’s Three-legged Throne Taken from Majid Ali’s forthcoming book entitled “The Oxygen Way: Being One’s Own Primary Physician.” Oxygen occupies the three-legged throne (The “Throne”) of human biology. Insulin serves as its minister of metabolism. The three legs of oxygen’s throne represent the three primary balancing systems of body: – Acid-alkali balance; – Oxidant-antioxidant regulation; and – Clotting-unclotting equilibrium. Acids

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