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Oxygen Model of Inflammation

OXYGEN GOVERNS THE INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE AND ADJUDICATES MAN-MICROBE CONFLICTS Majid Ali, M.D. Life is an unending injury-healing-injury cycle. Injury is inevitable in an organism’s struggle for survival. Healing is the intrinsic capacity of the organism to repair damage inflicted by that injury. Inflammation — in my view — is one aspect of the energetic-molecular mosaic of that intrinsic capacity. This

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Magnetic Microbes – Past and Present Evolution

  Humans Like Microbes Are Electomagnetic Beings Majid Ali, M.D. Magnetobiology has had no currency in the prevailing medical models except when it is used in scanning technology. The use of magnetic energy for promoting healing has been derided ever since Franz Anton Mesmer falsely claimed to have cured many diseases with is ‘magnetized’ tree in the eighteenth century. Much

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