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Oxidation and Oxidosis

  Oxidation and Oxidosis Majid  Ali, M.D. Oxidation is loss of electrons, which are energy particles in atoms. In simple words, oxidation is loss of energy and a substance that loses electron energy is oxidized. Butter turns rancid, a flower wilts, meat decomposes—that is oxidation. A person develops a cataract and loses his eyesight. That happens when the proteins in

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Early History of Free Radical Pathology

                                                                         Majid Ali, M.D. In 1983, Eli Metchnikoff, a Russian biologist, made his seminal discovery of the role of phagocytes in host defense. His work provided the scientific basis for our current ideas of cellular host defense. During the five decades which followed Metchnikoff’s work, the investigative focus remained on the morphologic cellular and subcellular changes. Karnovsky in 1959 elucidated

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