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Evidence for the Oxygen Model of Chronic Fatigue States (SEID By the New Name)

Majid Ali, M.D. My Oxygen Model of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome states that persistent chronic fatigue results from disturbed oxygen functions and predicts that all oxystatic therapies effectively administered will relieve chronic fatigue symptoms and eventually restore health. I coined the term oxystatic therapy for any therapy that restores oxygen functions. Direct evidence for the Oxygen Model of Chronic Fatigue was

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APPNA PAPER ABSTRACT – Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Chronic Inflammatory-Immune Disorder

                            Majid Ali, M.D. Abstract of Paper Presented at at the Fall Meeting of APPNA (the Association of Physician of Pakistani Descent of North America) The subject of mitochondrial dysfunction and impaired ATP generation in respiratory-to-glycolytic shift in the health/dis-ease/disease continuum is vast. In this paper focusing on this shift in chronic inflammatory-immune disorders, I focus on the following five dimensions: 1. Mitochondrial

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Catabolic Maladaptation: Insulin Toxicity By Another Name

Majid Ali, M.D. In the late 1980, before I recognized the full significance of deranged insulin signaling on health, I coined the term catabolic maladaptation to refer to an abnormal state of metabolism that causes obesity. It took The Journal of American Medical Association over 25 years to recognize catabolic maladaptation as the true nature of obesity. Below, I present

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