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Immune Defenses Exist as Plants in the Soil of the Bowel Contents

Majid Ali, M.D. A Bowel Ecology Series Article The ancients seemed to have known this intuitively. We seem to have taken a very circuitous route to grasp this most fundamental of all aspects of the immune system. I remember that the hakim (folk-doctor) in my village always prescribed laxatives for a headache. He prescribed remedies that seemed to work on

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Introduction to Inflammation, Immunity, and Infectious Disorders

Introduction to Inflammation, Immunity, and Infectious Disorders Majid Ali, M.D. At energetic-molecular levels, life is an injury-healing-injury cycle. Healing is the intrinsic capacity of the organism to repair damage inflicted by that injury. No healing is possible without inflammation. So, iinflammation must be regarded as an integral part of the energetic-molecular mosaic that is life. This view of inflammation—that it

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