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LAPs and TAPs Bowel Microbes Determine the Outcome in Man-Microbe Conflicts

LAPs and TAPs Determine the Outcome in Infections Majid Ali, M.D. In mid-1980s, I introduced the term LAPs (lactic acid-producing) as an abbreviation for health-promoting bowel microbes that produce lactic acid and other immune-strengthening substances. I chose the term TAPS (toxin-producing) for the gut microbes that injured all bosy organs under varying conditions. LAPs build strong defenses in many ways.

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Fermentation – Good, Bad, and Ugly

                                                    Majid Ali, M.D. Our early primordial ancestors were fermenters. Throughout human evolution, some of those fermenting cells thrived in oxygen-poor nitches in the human body, serving many purposes, including food digestion. These were “good fermenters.” Our later human ancestors learned—experientially or intuitively, it seems—learned ferment foods to enhance their value. We can call it “good fermentation.” Every chronic

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Oxidation and Oxidosis

  Oxidation and Oxidosis Majid  Ali, M.D. Oxidation is loss of electrons, which are energy particles in atoms. In simple words, oxidation is loss of energy and a substance that loses electron energy is oxidized. Butter turns rancid, a flower wilts, meat decomposes—that is oxidation. A person develops a cataract and loses his eyesight. That happens when the proteins in

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