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Lithium Is A Brain Nutrient Series – Part Seven: Lithium Toxicity

                                                                   Majid Ali, M.D. For about twenty years, I have considered low-dose lithium (50 to 100 mg daily) to be a useful brain nutrient in the care of patients with anxiety, depression, psychosis, and autism spectrum and related developmental challenges. I first leaned about it from Professor Oscar Krusei of Columbia University, New York, and later of Capital University of

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Keytruda and Oxygen for Treating Cancers of the Lung, Liver, Colon, and Melanoma

                                                               Majid Ali, M.D. September 10, 2014 Keytruda is claimed to be a brand new, highly effective, and non-toxic cancer drug. It was approved by the FDA in summer of 2014 for treating cancers of lung, liver, colon, melanoma and some other cancers. This would be great news if doctors without financial ties with the drug maker can validate

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