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LAPs and TAPs Bowel Microbes Determine the Outcome in Man-Microbe Conflicts

LAPs and TAPs Determine the Outcome in Infections Majid Ali, M.D. In mid-1980s, I introduced the term LAPs (lactic acid-producing) as an abbreviation for health-promoting bowel microbes that produce lactic acid and other immune-strengthening substances. I chose the term TAPS (toxin-producing) for the gut microbes that injured all bosy organs under varying conditions. LAPs build strong defenses in many ways.

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Oxidative Cell Membrane Injury

Oxidative Cell Membrane Injury Majid Ali, M.D.   A cell looks at the world around it through its plasma membrane. A human frame is but a zillion plasma membranes at the surface of and within the confines of cells aligned in an infinite variety of kaleidoscopic mosaics. Health preservation for man, then, is the preservation of the integrity of a

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