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For Viral Infections, Say NO to Statin Drugs and YES to Nystatin

  Majid Ali, M.D. Consider the following quote from The New York Times of November 9, 2014: “The researchers speculated that children might benefit from certain treatments — perhaps including statin drugs, which act on those cells lining blood vessels — but those possible remedies had not been studied in humans with Ebola and there was a chance that they

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Natural Therapies for Acute Viral Infections

 Majid Ali, M.D. Guidelines for natural remedies for acute viral infections. * Optimal Hydration * Eliminate sugar, dairy, and gluten for 5 to 7 days * Vitamin C and Ginger (1000 mg each) three times a day * Dr. Ali’s Spice Protein Shake     12-16 ounces twice daily * Zinc lozenge    Twice daily * Oregano oil    2000 mg twice daily Nondrug

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First Ebola Spread in the U.S.

EBOLA  Majid Ali, M.D.  The first Ebola spread in the United States was reported on October 12, 2014. A nurse  who attended on Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian who first brought Ebola to the country, became sick with Ebola virus. Not unexpectedly, local and state officials in Texas, as well as federal officials scrambled to solve the mystery of the mechanics of the spread. How Safe Is the

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