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Why I Never Diagnose the Metabolic Syndrome. Why No One Else Should Diagnose It As well

Majid Ali, M.D. What Is the metabolic syndrome? I do not know. What Is cardio-metabolic syndrome? I do not know that either. If I do not know what the metabolic syndrome and the cardio-metabolic syndromes are, how can I diagnose them? Why should no on one else diagnose the metabolic syndrome and the cardio-metabolic syndromes? I explain my answer in

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Why Cardiologists Should Not Diagnose the Cadrio-metabolic Syndrome

                                                                          Majid Ali, M.D. Why should cardiologists not diagnose the cardio-metabolic syndromes? Because I have not yet met a cardiologist who is willing and able to reverse the so-called cardio-metabolic syndromes. Because noting good ever comes from this diagnosis. No one ever benefits from receiving this diagnosis. Because drugs used to treat this condition have never been proven o have

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