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The Seed-Feed-and-Occasionally-Weed-Way Back to Health

Reversing Chronic Inflammatory, Immune, and Infectious Diseases Majid Ali, M.D. If you suffer from any chronic disease, please know that your gut is fermenting with overgrowth of fermenting microbes. Gut fermentation sooner or later will lead to leaky gut state, mitochondrial blockages, and cellular dysfunction. It is that simple. What symptom-complexes are produced in who is always a less importantĀ matter.

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Immune Defenses Exist as Plants in the Soil of the Bowel Contents

Majid Ali, M.D. A Bowel Ecology Series Article The ancients seemed to have known this intuitively. We seem to have taken a very circuitous route to grasp this most fundamental of all aspects of the immune system. I remember that the hakim (folk-doctor) in my village always prescribed laxatives for a headache. He prescribed remedies that seemed to work on

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For Candida Yeast Control, Please Consider the Seed, Feed, and Weed Approach

Majid Ali, M.D. In early 1n my book The Canaries and Chronic Fatigue (1994), I described my Seed, Feed and Weed approach for restoring bowel ecosystem as one of the two centerpieces of my integrative program for reversing chronic illness. Below, I reproduce some text from that volume. I refer the readers interested in a deeper understanding of the underlying

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