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Catabolic Maladaptation: Insulin Toxicity By Another Name

Majid Ali, M.D. In the late 1980, before I recognized the full significance of deranged insulin signaling on health, I coined the term catabolic maladaptation to refer to an abnormal state of metabolism that causes obesity. It took The Journal of American Medical Association over 25 years to recognize catabolic maladaptation as the true nature of obesity. Below, I present

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Calories Are Calories – It’s Your Ignorance, Stupid!

                            Majid Ali, M.D. Here is a short commentary on a sugar articles published by The New York Times on May 9, 2014. Consider the following quote from the article: “In an interview, Dr. Wang said that for the most part, “if we’re just talking about body weight and obesity, the evidence seems to point in the direction that calories

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