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LAPs and TAPs Bowel Microbes Determine the Outcome in Man-Microbe Conflicts

LAPs and TAPs Determine the Outcome in Infections Majid Ali, M.D. In mid-1980s, I introduced the term LAPs (lactic acid-producing) as an abbreviation for health-promoting bowel microbes that produce lactic acid and other immune-strengthening substances. I chose the term TAPS (toxin-producing) for the gut microbes that injured all bosy organs under varying conditions. LAPs build strong defenses in many ways.

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Introduction to Inflammation, Immunity, and Infectious Disorders

Introduction to Inflammation, Immunity, and Infectious Disorders Majid Ali, M.D. At energetic-molecular levels, life is an injury-healing-injury cycle. Healing is the intrinsic capacity of the organism to repair damage inflicted by that injury. No healing is possible without inflammation. So, iinflammation must be regarded as an integral part of the energetic-molecular mosaic that is life. This view of inflammation—that it

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Oxygen Model of Cancer-Inflammation Co-Morbidity Dynamics

  Oxygen Model of Cancer-Inflammation Co-Morbidity Dynamics Majid Ali, M.D.   The subjects of cancer and inflammation are inherently intertwined. Inflammation sets the stage for the beginning of cancer. Cancer, by its nature, triggers and perpetuate inflammation. So “nflammation-cancer comorbidity” is a crucial aspect of the cause, diagnosis, progression, and treatment of cancer. The clonal growth of cancer cells is

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