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Toxic Womb Ecology and Newborn’s Immunity

Majid Ali, M.D. My purpose in offering my “Toxic Womb Ecology Library of Articles” is make my readers aware of the fact that many health disorders of the children are rooted in the toxic womb ecology. Since I consider immunity to be the body’s ability to preserve health and fight off chemical and microbial threats to health, I expect that

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Bowel Ecology – A Historical Note

Bowel Ecology – Circa 1987 and 2015 Majid Ali, M.D. On March 24, 2015, Med Scape posted an article entitled “The Microbiome and Brain Health: What’s the Connection?” (See the link below). I read the article with great interest. The part of the article I liked best was the bibliography. Specifically, it contained 38 citations. I highly recommend these citations

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The Oxygen Model of SEID (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Majid Ali, M.D. SEID (Systemic-Exertion-Intolerance Disease) is the new Name for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Simply stated, my Oxygen Model of SEID (the new name for and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) states that persistent chronic fatigue results from disturbed oxygen functions and predicts that all oxystatic therapies effectively administered will relieve chronic fatigue symptoms and eventually restore health. I coined the term

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Disease Is Evolution-in-Reverse

Majid Ali, M.D. To understand the beginning of diseases, we first need to understand the beginning of life. This is impossibly complex one way and very simple in an another. Simply stated, evolution is the long (and continuing journey) which allowed the development of modern human cells from the primordial “pre-cells” (spherules that lived in he toxic primordial soup). Pre-cells were

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Cutting-Edge Allergy Care – Three Five Years Too Late

Majid Ali, M.D. We all need laughs in life. Different folks find them with different strokes. I find them in medical literature. Please consider the titles of the following two publications forty five years apart and see if you can find something to laugh about: 1. Altered States of Bowel Ecology. Circa 1980 2. Gut Microflora in Cutting-Edge Allergy and

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Dr. Ali’s Inflammation Course Videos

Rethinking Inflammation Majid Ali, M.D. Health cannot be understood without understanding inflammation. Nor can any disease be understood without understanding inflammation. Every chronic disease is perpetuated by inflammation. We must think the obsolete and wholly inadequate notions of “inflammatory diseases.” Below I list videos in Dr. Ali’s Inflammation Course. The links to the videos follow the list. d provide links to

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