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Global Warming – Truth and Politics

Majid Ali, M.D. From 2 Degree Uncertainty to 3.6 Degree Uncertainty – Politics Perverts Science In December 2014, the world’s climate experts and “negotiators” met met in Lima, Peru, and after two weeks of self-congratulations, declared that they had achieved a milestone. They agreed that they would choose words in Paris in 2015 with which they will achieve long-term global

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Observing Weather, Facing Climate Chaos – Circa 2014

Majid Ali, M.D. People observe weather, not climate. Climate scientists observe both but themselves go unobserved. Politicians observe only what they voters want them to observe. The stark realities of looming climatic chaos should be visible to all but so far have not stirred people in a meaningful way so far. Below I summarize some areas of agreement among climate

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