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Magnetic Microbes – Past and Present Evolution

  Humans Like Microbes Are Electomagnetic Beings Majid Ali, M.D. Magnetobiology has had no currency in the prevailing medical models except when it is used in scanning technology. The use of magnetic energy for promoting healing has been derided ever since Franz Anton Mesmer falsely claimed to have cured many diseases with is ‘magnetized’ tree in the eighteenth century. Much

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What Is Fueling Autism Epidemic? A Different View

Fermenting Planet, Fermenting Little People Majid Ali, M.D. Our planet is fermenting and so are we. This, of course, is not new. What is new is the scale of the change. Humans can think only on linear scales. For example, I say that going at 50 miles an hour, my car will travel 100 miles in two hours. That is

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