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Dr. Ali’s Videos on Ebola

Majid Ali, M.D. In this post, I offer a series of videos on Ebola Epidemic 2014. I offer additional information in a series of Ebola articles on this website. May I suggest that you share this information with your family and friends. The article “A Picture Story of Ebola” may not be suitable for children. So i suggest you view

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Ebola Treatment – Infusions of EDTA, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Vitamin-C Integrated With Current Treatments

Majid Ali, M.D. I offer this brief article on integration of oxygen therapies for Ebola infections with current acute care treatments in the United States. I present my recommendations from the perspective of a pathologist who: 1. Performed scores of autopsies on patients dying with disseminated internal bleeding-clotting pathologies (consumptive coagulopathy is the pathologic term for it); 2. Who wrote devoted “Darwin and Dysox Triology,”

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Ebola Infection of the Newborn

Majid Ali, M.D. Toxemia of pregnancy creates clotting-unclotting equilibrium. Viral infections during pregnancy increases the risk of toxemia. It was entirely predictable that some babies would be prematurely delivered by their moms dying of Ebola infection. Below I reproduce some text from a heart-rending account of one such story from The New York Times of October 10, 2010: No one

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