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APPNA PAPER ABSTRACT – Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Chronic Inflammatory-Immune Disorder

                            Majid Ali, M.D. Abstract of Paper Presented at at the Fall Meeting of APPNA (the Association of Physician of Pakistani Descent of North America) The subject of mitochondrial dysfunction and impaired ATP generation in respiratory-to-glycolytic shift in the health/dis-ease/disease continuum is vast. In this paper focusing on this shift in chronic inflammatory-immune disorders, I focus on the following five dimensions: 1. Mitochondrial

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What Is Fueling Autism Epidemic? A Different View

Fermenting Planet, Fermenting Little People Majid Ali, M.D. Our planet is fermenting and so are we. This, of course, is not new. What is new is the scale of the change. Humans can think only on linear scales. For example, I say that going at 50 miles an hour, my car will travel 100 miles in two hours. That is

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Oxygen Therapies

Oxystatic (Oxygen-restoring) Therapies Majid Ali, M.D. In 1999, I introduced the term oxystatic therapies for treatments that restore oxygen homeostasis in the body.1 My purpose then was to keep a sharp focus on all the elements that compromise oxygen-driven functions of the body—energetic, metabolic, immune, detoxification, and regenerative—and so interfere with body’s healing responses. This is a crucial issue also

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