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Statins (Cholesterol Drugs) Increase the risk of Diabetes by 46% in Just Six Years

Majid Ali, M.D. Why should it surprise anyone to learn that that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs increase the risk of diabetes? These drugs: * Block crucial liver enzymes * Block insulin effects * Weaken muscle enzymes and interrupt muscle physiology which is crucial for the prevention of diabetes. * Increase total body burden of synthetic chemicals. Please read other articles in

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Keeping Cholesterol Heart-Friendly

Majid Ali, M.D. Is healthy cholesterol bad for the heart. No, it isn’t! Is rancid (oxidized) cholesterol bad for the heart. Yes, it is. How can cholesterol in the body be kept in its natural and un-rancid form? Here is a list of my top preferences for keeping cholesterol healthy and heart-friendly: 1. Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfasts 2. Self-compassion with

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