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Truth About Heart Attacks and Strokes – A Call for Low-Carb Diet From The New York Times

                                         Majid Ali, M.D. Healthy fats prevent heart attacks. So do healthy proteins. Heart attacks are caused by chronic anger and insulin toxicity which, in turn, results from sugar toxicity. Insuln toxicity is fermenting, inflaming, and fattening. These statements are based on established facts of science. The New York Times, of course, has had nothing but disdain for the above

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Why I Never Diagnose the Metabolic Syndrome. Why No One Else Should Diagnose It As well

Majid Ali, M.D. What Is the metabolic syndrome? I do not know. What Is cardio-metabolic syndrome? I do not know that either. If I do not know what the metabolic syndrome and the cardio-metabolic syndromes are, how can I diagnose them? Why should no on one else diagnose the metabolic syndrome and the cardio-metabolic syndromes? I explain my answer in

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The Metabolic Syndrome in Adults: What Might That Be?

                                       Majid Ali, M.D. How wide is the problem of the metabolic syndrome among adults now? What may be expected in the next two deacdes considering the rising incidence of the syndrome among children? Consider the following quote from the editorial in June 4, 2004 issue of Science: There is a growing public health crisis that is global in scope,

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