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China’s Dark, Dark Underbelly – A Biology Experiment With Predictable Grave Consequences

Majid Ali, M.D. Today is September 19, 2014. The Chinese technology titan, Alibaba, set a new record, at Wall Street, New York, at its initial public stock offering. The company raised $21.8 billion in just one day, raising its valuation from $168 billion to $180.5 billion. Great news! Today, China also set a new record with a British drug behemoth,

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Truth About Heart Attacks and Strokes – A Call for Low-Carb Diet From The New York Times

                                         Majid Ali, M.D. Healthy fats prevent heart attacks. So do healthy proteins. Heart attacks are caused by chronic anger and insulin toxicity which, in turn, results from sugar toxicity. Insuln toxicity is fermenting, inflaming, and fattening. These statements are based on established facts of science. The New York Times, of course, has had nothing but disdain for the above

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