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INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: The faith in the fixedness in human biology has created a pernicious belief system among the ‘academic thought leaders’ of the  pharmacologic medicine: that only the ‘facts’ of medicine established by blinded and controlled trials of individual drugs can be relied upon, and that the ‘opinions’ of physicians who toil for decades in the clinical trenches of
medicine are of no value, and hence must be dismissed.

It continues to amaze me how otherwise intelligent physicians continue to be so dogmatic about nondrug therapies which they have no experience with. The editors  of medical journals speak of evidence-based medicine with loud voices. They  pride in their medical ‘facts’ and deride the ‘opinions’ of integrative practitioners. In their myopic view of medicine, they assert that what cannot be investigated with their blessed double-blind cross-over methodology is not scientific, hence  of no clinical value. They fail to see the glaring disconnect between the needs of the sick and their notions of science in medicine. The sick needs robust  nutritional, environmental, and spiritual measures for healing. None of those measures can be examined with their double-blind cross-over methodology for  establishing drug therapies.

The science of nondrug medicine
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Volume2Volume 2 of the Principles and Practices of Integrative Medicine
Second edition

Dr. Ali gives a history of the birth of and application of Integrative Medicine.

PDF Format $35 230 pages



vol4Volume 4 of the Principles and Practices of Integrative Medicine
In this volume, I strive to look at immunity and atopy through the prism of oxygen. I believe the readers will agree that in doing that I delineate a new domain of thinking about clinical problems encountered in those fields.




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