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Nutrient Therapies – General Dose Guidelines

Majid Ali, M.D. In the table below, I present dosage guidelines for vitamins, minerals, and special nutrient for health preservation and disease prevention. Nutrient therapies for specific disorders requires detailed knowledge of nutrients as well clinical experience. General Guidelines for Nutrient and Redox-Restorative Supplements for Atopic Patients With and Without Indolent Immune Disorders Atopic Individuals With Chronic Indolent Immune Dysfunction Atopic

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Allergy and Hypersensitivity – Looking Through the Oxygen Prism

Majid Ali, M.D. I. Introduction II. Looking Through the Oxygen Prism III. The Classical Atopic Perspective IV. The Ecologic Perspective V. Particulate Matter, Pollutants, and Hypersensitivity VI. Oxidative Regression to Primordial Cellular Ecology VII. Pathogenesis of Chemical Sensitivity: Oxidative-Dysoxygenative Dysautonomia? VIII. Mold Desensitization and Antifungal Therapies IX. The Enterohepatic Therapies for Preventing Food Reactions X. Oxystatic Therapies XI. Healing in

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Majid Ali, M.D. The human body has an estimated 50 to trillion cells in the body. All cells containing DNA are vulnerable to DNA-altering stresses. So, why doesn’t everyone have cancer? That is a legitimate question given the vulnerability of trillions of cells susceptible to gene mutations that could spark uncontrolled cell proliferation and clinical cancers. It has long been

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Altering the Behavior of Cancer Cells: Fermentative-to-Respiratory (FTR) Shift. A cancer cell, like T. pantotropha, is also a metabolic two-timer, but with a difference: it survives in the presence of oxygen, but thrives in its absence. The singular challenge in the field of cancer—in my view—is this: Can we create oxygen conditions in the body that coax a cancer cell

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For Chronic Tissue Pain, Castor Oil Rubs Is My Preferred Therapy

Majid Ali, M.D. For chronic pain in soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and tissues around joints, I regularly prescribe castor oil skin rubs as described in the videos linked below. I offer more than fifty videos describing how I prescribe castor oil rubs or my patients. Below, I offer a selection of these videos. The video platforms will take you to

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A Snapshot of Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia (SHH-Pedia)

Majid Ali, M.D. Friends, Below is a brief outline of the Vision, the Mission Statement, Goals, the Current Range of free-of-cost services, and web sites of SHH-Pedia. Vision The vision at Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia (SSH-Pedia) is for everyone in the world to have ready access to authentic health and healing information that is free of corporate deceptions and

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