Majid Ali, M.D.

In my book “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes” (2011), I introduced the following terms:

  1. Ali’s Diabetes Reversal Plan© for a plan for restoring insulin homeostasis (overall balance) and Insulin-based Diabetes Reversal Plan©.
  2. Insulin Tox © as an abbreviation for insulin toxicity©.
  3. Insulin Detox© as an abbreviation for a non-drug program of reversing insulin toxicity© focusing on:
  4. Insulin-Reduction Diet© for a diet plan that specifically avoid sugar spikes that trigger insulin spikes, and so increases metabolic efficiency of the body.
  5. Bowel Seed-Feed-Weed Plan© for arresting and preventing overgrowth of fermenting microbes (yeast, anaerobic bacteria, and others).

The principles and practice of Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Based Diabetes Reversal Plan© are presented in details in my book mentioned above, as well as in my free Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course© posted at the following websites:


I include a large number of Insulin-Wise Recipes© in my book, DVDs, digital download seminars, and the above-mentioned web sites.

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