Breaking Up Blood Platelet Aggregates With Vitamin C


Majid Ali, M.D.

Children are invited to use the text and photographs (such as those below) on this web site for preparing competition essays and school science projects.

Blood Platelet Clump Due to Oxidative Stress.

Dissociation of Platelet Aggregates by Vitamin C


Figure 15 (top) shows patterns of aggregation of platelets induced by oxidative stress of epinephrine, collagen, ADP and ristocetin. Such aggregation is the in vitro counterpart of in-vivo platelet clumping seen in AA oxidopathy and shown in figure 11. Figure 16 (bottom) shows patterns of dissociation of platelet aggregates obtained with the four aggregating agents on addition (arrow) of a 0.5 percent solution of ascorbic acid. Note that ascorbic acid completely dissociates epinephrine-induced aggregates (top), while its effect on collagen-induced aggregation (bottom line) is minimal.13





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