Oxygen – ATP Models Every Chronic Diseases

I expect that many eyes will roll at the title of this article. I anticipate many knowing smiles from other readers who are familiar with my   oxygen models of various diseases. They might chuckle and say we knew it was coming, considering how many oxygen models of chronic diseases this Dr. Ali has put forth.

Let us consider a thought experiment. There is one factor that is crucial for functions and survival of cells in all body organs. Next there is one nutrient that is crucial for maintaining the regular and ample supply of that factor. Wouldn’t it follow that if the regular and ample supply of that factor was seriously compromised, it would put in jeopardy the functions and survival of cells in all organs of the body?

Here are the two fundamental scientific facts of human biology: (1) ATP is the energy substance without which cells cannot function and survive; and (2) oxygen is the nutrient which assures regular and ample supply of   ATP. This, in simplest words, is the Oxygen Model of Every Chronic Disease.

 Challenge to the Oxygen – ATP Models of Chronic Diseases

 Chronic Disease are broadly classified as infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune, nutritional, environmental, and genetic. How can ATP be considered as fundamental to the causation of all these diseases.. I cite here just two examples of how ATP plays essential roles in all chronic diseases other than just being a source of energy:

  1. ATP serves myriad roles in health and disease in calcium signaling
  2. ATP regulates crucial functions of immune cells, such as hunter-immune cells called phagoctyes.

As for chronic genetic disease, even a cursory study of their pathology and clinical manifestations makes it clear that infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune, nutritional, and environmental factors play crucial roles their as well.

Evidence for the Oxygen Model of Every Chronic Disease

 In a companion article posted on www.aliscience.org, I reproduce abstracts of two important papers that firmly established the scientific facts I cite above to provide evidence for ATP roles other than serving as source of energy.

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