Two New Alzheimer’s Amyloid Drugs: A Prediction

Majid Ali, M.D.

No Benefits for Patients, Enormous Riches for Drug Makers

On July 23, 2015, The New York Times printed a story about two amyloid drugs for treating Alzheimer’s disease: solanezumab and solanezumab. Here is the basis of my prediction. Amyloid protein deposits in the brain result from brain toxicities and pathologic immune responses to them. The main lesson learned from an enormous body of literature developed in past decades is: Health disorders caused by toxicities of food, environment, and chronic stress cannot be effectively treated withdrugs that do not address the causative toxicities.

The above was the case with previous Alzheimer’s drugs (Aricept and Nemenda) and this will be the case with the two new he causes. Consider the following text from the Times’ article:

“He said the results over all were “fantastic” and that Biogen had started two late-stage trials aimed at winning approval of the drug in several years. The doses being used in those trials have not been disclosed.”

Needless to point out, the speaker above is a drug company man.

Men of Money Speak

Here is what men of money said on the subject:

“Wall Street analysts were divided on whether Biogen’s results were good or disappointing. Biogen’s shares fell about 4 percent Wednesday. Lilly’s shares rose about 1 percent.”

A Professor Speaks

Next, consider the following quote from a professor in the Times’ article:

“The statistical analysis reported today does not provide any information on efficacy or on the amyloid hypothesis,” said Dr. Lon Schneider, a professor at the University of Southern California.”

What Can Be and Should Be Done?

Simply stated, the management of Alzheimer’s disease requires that all relevant causative nutritional, environmental, and stress-related be vigorously addressed. I present detailed information on the subject in the two FREE courses listed below.

* Dr. Ali’s Alzheimer’s Course

* Dr. Ali’s Brain Course

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