No Evidence That Coronary Stents Prevent Heart Attacks

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Majid Ali, M.D.

The New York Times Tell the Truth – After Decades

The New York Times should have known this for decades. But its lapdog medical journalists were too lazy to dig the truth out. Finally, on July 4, 2015 it finally admitted in an editorial that there is no evidence that coronary artery stents prevent heart attacks. Better late than never. Not quite!

Consider the following quote from the editorial:

“From 2003 to 2013, the death rate from coronary heart disease plunged by about 38 percent, thanks to better control of cholesterol and blood pressure, a decline in smoking rates, improved medical treatments and faster care of people after a heart attack.”

What is wrong with the above editorial comment? Please, take 30 seconds to re-read it and try to find the grievous error in its. Here is gross error: The Times gives nearly all the credit to the medical profession and little to people who did all the work: meditation, diet, nutrients, stress reduction, and personal ethics.

Now consider the following quote from the editorial:

“Researchers also need to find out more about just how low blood pressure needs to be to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other ill effects. A clinical study of 9,000 adults with high blood pressure being conducted now might offer some answers when results are in, probably in 2017. Half of the participants were told to reduce their systolic blood pressure — the top number — to below 120 by using common 120 by using common medications, while the other half aimed for below 140.”

What is wrong with this statement? The Times does not reveal the evil in keeping blood pressure below drugs with drugs.

True Cost of keeping Blood Pressure Below 120 With Drugs

* Over 130 million Americans will be drugged.

* Nearly all men so treated will develop some form of ED (erectile dysfunction)

* There will be 40% greater risk of hip fractures among the elderly on drugs

     (the Times report).

* Billions of dollars will be needlessly spent on drugs and doctors and hospital bills.
Long live the Times!
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