How Much Money Do You Spend on Oxidant Therapies?

Majid Ali, M.D.

If you live in the United States, you probably spend money on antioxidant products. Who has the courage and stamina to stand up to American corporations and their ad men?

How much money do you spend on oxidant therapies?  Not much, right? Fortunately you do not need to. Oxygen is the most important oxidant therapy for humans. No one can live without it for more than some minutes. Who has not heard about death by drowning?

Oxygen Is Free

If you want more oxygen than you are getting itr, simply breathe out slowly. No, you don’t get more oxygen by deep breathing. Such breathing speeds up the heart, tightens the arteries, and muscles. These changes actually reduce the availability of oxygen. But this is not what I have been taught, you protest. Point well taken!

Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

If you interest has perked and you want answers to the above and many related questions in detail, please consider my FREE Oxygen Course on this web site. For practical onformation, please consider the companion web site http://www.AliHealing.Org.

Be kind to yourself, please!

Kindest regards.

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