FDA Approves $150 Billion a Year Drugs and Admits Lack of Proof of Their Efficacy

Majid Ali, M.D.

The  PCSK9 Gene Cholesterol Drugs Without Proven Benefits

No, I do not seek cheap thrills. Consider these quote from The New York Times of June 10, 2015:

The F.D.A. usually follows the recommendations of its advisory panels, but not always. The agency says that if it approves the drugs based on their effects on cholesterol, the approval will not be rescinded even if trials now underway fail to show the drugs reduce the risk of heart attacks and deaths.

$150 Billion Cholesterol Drugs Without Proven Benefits

If people with a history of heart disease are included, the bill for the drugs rises another $150 billion.

Sanofi bought an F.D.A.-backed voucher for $67.5 million that gave them an expedited review. The company says the F.D.A. agreed to decide whether to approve its drug by July 24.

Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

New Cholesterol Deceptions –

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