Majid Ali, M.D.

Heart disease begins as a heart overdriven state. When overdriven for several months or years, it becomes dysfunctional. The clinical features of this dysfunction may be heart palpitations, skipped or premature heart beats, shortness of breath on exertion, and later chest pain (angina).

Heart disease is not a plumbing problem to be treated with coronary stents and bypass procedures. Heart disease is not caused by cholesterol and cannot be prevented by cholesterol drugs (statins). For an in-depth discussion of these subjects, I suggest my following free courses:

1. Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

2. Dr. Ali’s Heart Course

Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Heart Health

Below are my top seven natural remedies for improving heart health and preventing hospital readmission. These remedies specifically address underlying causes of heart failure and restore heart strenth..

1. The Humanism Way (“soul Spanning”)

2. My Breath Is My Own

3. Dr. Ali’s Breakfasts for Bowel-Blood-Liver Detox

4. Heart Nutrients

5. Heart Spices and Heart Herbs Brain Nutrients

6. Limbic Walk

7. Pathways to the Soul

Details of each item are presented in other articles posted and  I especially recommend my video seminar entitled Heart Overdriven or Diseased (available at

or follow this list with a weekly program for those who might prefer a weekly schedule. In the end I include a short note about my Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle.

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