True Science of Coronary Plaques

Majid Ali, M.D.

Plaques begin in the circulating blood. I have published hundreds of photomicrographs to present the morphologic features of micro-plaques observed in the circulating blood. Every image of a micro-plaque in the circulating calls into question the validity of the prevailing notions of heart attacks caused by plaques that begin the cells lining blood vessels called endothelial cells (endo for short).

The real culprits in the cause of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failures are toxic acids, increased free radical activity, and synthetic chemicals. These elements damage blood components, making them sticky, initiating the formation of microclots and microplaques. Such clots and plaques, in turn, damage cells lining blood vessels called endo cells (endo is short for endothelial cells). This is the beginning of plaque formation. So, plaques in early stages are composed of dead and dying blood cells, dead and dying endo cells, and inflammatory cells. As they enlarge, they damage the connective tissue and the muscle cells in vessel walls. This is the true story of plaques in blood vessels which is well known to pathologists.

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