Outline of Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

Majid Ali, M.D.

I offer a series of videos on cholesterol at this web site under the title of “Cholesterol Video series” in the category of Dr. Ali’s  Cholesterol Course to introduce the subject. The list of articles in this course appears below. Additional materials are included in Dr. Ali’s Heart Course.

Part One

1. Cholesterol Video Series

2. A Short Cholesterol Story

3. The Cholesterol Truths and Deceptions – Demonizing An Angel

4. Three Important Cholesterol Questions

5. Cholesterol Video Series

6. Cholesterol Is Essential for Cellular Health

7 True Science of Coronary Plaques

Part Two

1. Only Rancid ()xidized) Cholesterol Is Bad for the Heart

2. HDL Cholesterol Is Dignified Cholesterol

3. What Do Cholesterol Crystals in Arterial Walls Really Mean?

4. Statins (Cholesterol Drugs) Increase the risk of Diabetes by 46% in Just Six Years

5. Statinex – A Cholesterol Dream

6. Cholesterol Deceptions Recognized by Mainstream Doctors – Years Too Late

Part Three

1. Why Did I Take Statins for So Long?

2. Top Seven for Keeping Cholesterol Un-rancid and Healthful

3. Keeping Cholesterol Heart-Friendly

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