No “Good” Cholesterol for Your Child, Please

Majid Ali, M.D.

Please think hard before you allow your child be drugged with cholesterol drugs. I write this article to assist you in making the decision of a pediatrician or other doctor prescribes a statin drug for your child. Most regrettably, many influential pediatricians are pushing these drugs. Their weapon: the Report of the Expert Panel on Integrated Guidelines for Cardiovascular Health and Risk Reduction in Children and Adolescents.. The “experts”, of course, are professors paid by cholesterol companies.

There Is Only One Cholesterol

Cholesterol has one molecular formula and one three-dimensional molecular formula. So, the very notion of “good” cholesterol and “bad’ cholesterol is a science absurdity. I have presented the physiology and pathology (molecular biology) of cholesterol at length in my book entitled “Integrative Cardiology and Chelation Therapies” (2002). I also discussed this crucial subject in many previous articles on this site and on It is unfortunate that doctors are compelled to follow “standards” for prescribing cholesterol drugs set by drug companies. It is sad that they forget whatever little they learned about the molecular biology of cholesterol in medical schools. Or, they feel helpless – and hopeless – about their ability to fight off the cholesterol monsters..

If you are short on time, consider the following quote from The New York times of May 16, 2012 in a commentary on a report published in the British journal The Lancet:

“Now, a new study that makes use of powerful databases of genetic information has found that raising HDL levels may not make any difference to heart disease risk. People who inherit genes that give them naturally higher HDL levels throughout life have no less heart disease than those who inherit genes that give them slightly lower levels. If HDL were protective, those with genes causing higher levels should have had less heart disease.

The drug companies are not expected to be influenced by the truth. Consider the following quote from the same article in the Times: “The current study tells us that when it comes to HDL we should seriously consider going back to the drawing board, in this case meaning back to the laboratory,” said Dr. Lauer,

Insulin Testing or Cholesterol Testing for Overweight Children

Overweight and obese children need insulin test not cholesterol test. In my experience, excess insulin in blood (insulin toxicity) is the principal cause of childhood obesity, pediatric pre-diabetes, and diabetes Type 2 in children. Please, please look at my cholesterol videos on the internet.

Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

For learning the cholesterol truths and cholesterol deceptions, please consider free “Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course.

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