A Short Cholesterol Story

Majid Ali, M.D.

Cholesterol and a Cherry

Here is one of my shortest stories.

A mother held a cherry in her palm, showed it to her seven-year-old girl, and said,

“This is a good cherry.”

“Yes, mom,” the daughter replied obediently.

“This is a bad cherry,” the mother pointed to the same cherry in her palm.

“Mom, but you just told me it is a good cherry,” the girl protested.

“No, it is a bad cherry,” the mother scowled.

“Yes, mother,” the little girl said timidly.”

“No, say it is a bad cherry. Say it,” the mother raised her voice.

“It is a bad cherry,” the girl spoke, holding her tears back.

“Now say it is a good cherry,” the mother demanded sternly.

“It is a good cherry, mother,” she spoke, shaking with fear.”

End of the story.

I anticipate your reaction. This is the dumbest story you have heard. No mother could be so stupid or cruel. You have a point.

So, why did I tell you the story? I have good reason. Please think of the story the next time a doctor tells you that your good cholesterol is low and your bad cholesterol is high, or that your ratio of good and bad cholesterol is good or that is bad.

Two incontestable scientific facts about cholesterol are: (1) cholesterol has a one molecular formula; and (2) cholesterol has one three-dimensional structure. Here is a third fact of science: natural substances often behave differently under various conditions but no known substance with one molecular formula and one three-dimensional structure in the laboratory setting has been considered good or bad by itself.

If my story and the three scientific facts presented before perk your interest, please consider  my free course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course” at this site (www.AliScience.Org) for an in-depth discussion of molecular biology of cholesterol. I explain how no cell in the body can have healthy cell membrane without cholesterol in it.

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