Oxygen, Cancer, and Sea Lions


Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article of My Evidence for Oxygen Model of Cancer Series

Cancer Kills Many Sea Lions, and Its Cause Remains a Mystery. This was the title of an article published by The New York Times on March 10, 2010. Cancer killing sea lions is a mystery for the Times but not for me.

In 1996, scientists at the University of California, Davis, found that 18 percent of deaths in stranded adult sea lions were the result of cancers in the reproductive and urinary tracts. Five years later, a similarly large proportion of deaths among California sea lions rescued in oceans were found to be due to metastatic cancer.

Oxygen Model of Cancer

My Oxygen Model of Cancer is based on the scientific facts that a cancer cell is a fermenting (oxygen-shunning) cell. The model predicts that all aspects of cancer will be traced to dysfunctional oxygen metabolism (abbreviated as dysox) by future research. In 2015, here are some known facts about the rising number of cancers as well as death from other causes among sea lions.

  1. Many deaths have been attributed to pneumonia, clearly an oxygen deficiency state.
  2. Many deaths are attributed to brain seizures from a toxic algae poisoning. Algae toxins are known to poison oxygen-regulated, ATP-producing mitochondria.
  3. Parasites were found swarming the digestive tracts od dead sea lions. Parasites kill their hosts by oxygen-depriving fermentation.
  4. Warming of oceanic water has been recognized as a cause of sea lion demise. Such warming is oxidizing and oxygen-depleting.
  5. Growing to evidence points to industrial contaminants in the ocean and their adverse effects on the health of sea lions (among other oceanic species). These pollutants are recognized carcinogens.

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Sea Lions on Autopsy Table (From The New York Times

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