Dr. Ali’s Top Seven Super Nutrients


Majid Ali, M.D.

Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Course

Some highly valuable nutrients do not come into the categories of vitamins and minerals and yet are crucial for health. I call them “super nutrients.” I regularly prescribe them two to three times a day in rotation with others in  the group for nearly all my patients. They preserve and/or restore cellular oxygen functions by various mechanisms. Below is a list of my seven top super nutrients.

Seven Super Nutrients

1. Lecithin                       I tablespoon

2. Coenzyme Q10            150 to 300 mg

3.  Glutathione/ NAC        100-150 mg/ 300-600 mg

4.  Omega-3 Oils             1000 to 3000 mg (Flaxseed, coconut, and others)

5.  MSM                          500 to 1000 mg

6. Taurine                       500 to 1000 mg

7. Phosphatidyl serine      50 to 100 mg


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