Top Seven for Heart Failure

Majid Ali, M.D.

Here are four essential things to know about hospital admission for heart failure:

1. 25% is the chance of second hospital admission within 30 days

2. 50% is the chance of second hospital admission within 6 months

3. The reason why these rates are so high because drugs do not address the underlying causes of heart failure.

4. The rates for hospital readmissions can be dramatically address by safe, effective, time-efficient, and no-cost or low-cost natural remedies.

The above rates of readmissions are taken from the Journal of American Medical Association of February 24, 2015.

Dr. Ali’s Top Seven for Heart Failure

Below are my top seven natural remedies for improving heart health and preventing hospital readmission. These remedies specifically address underlying causes of heart failure and restore heart strenth..

1. The Humanism Way (“soul Spanning”)

2. My Breath Is My Own

3. Dr. Ali’s Breakfasts for Bosel-Blood-Liver Detox

4. Insulin-Reducing Diet

5. Limbic Walk

6. Heart Nutrients

7. Brain Nutrients

Details of each item are presented in other articles posted on and I follow this list with a weekly program for those who might prefer a weekly schedule. In the end I include a short note about my Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle.

A Weekly Program Schedule

Week One

1.1 Spicy breakfasts

1.2 Optimal hydration

Week Two

2.1 Slow Limbic Breathing

2.2 Stress-reduction lifestyle changes

Week Three

3.1 Restrict sugar intake, including fruit and natural sweeteners

3.2 Restrict caffeine, including coffee and colas

3.3 Restrict caffeine, including coffee and colas

Week Four

4.1 Vitamin supplements

4.2 Mineral supplements

4.3 Omega Oil remedies

Week Five

5.1 Oxygen therapies (peroxide foot soaks)

5.2 Oxygen-enhancing high-value nutrients (coenzyme Q 10)

Week Six

6.1 Spice remedies

6.2 Sleep remedies (herbs and others)

Week Seven

7.1 Self-compassion (the humanism way)

7.2 Personal Spiritual Realism (soul Spanning)

Dr. Ali’s Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle

In all guidelines for natural remedies for preserving health and reversing chronic diseases, I strongly advise readers to follow my Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle. Simply stated, this principle requires that an individual in trying natural remedies be cautious and closely observe how the body responds to natural remedies, beginning with small amounts or portions of remedies (as low as one-tenth the value on the first day, and doubling them every day until the recommended dose is reached). If any negative senses are experienced, the item should be discontinued or taken in smaller amounts for longer periods of time to increase tolerance. It is important that a doctor be consulted to rule out the presence of serious coexisting or underlying conditions

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