Statins (Cholesterol Drugs) Increase the risk of Diabetes by 46% in Just Six Years

Majid Ali, M.D.

Why should it surprise anyone to learn that that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs increase the risk of diabetes? These drugs:

* Block crucial liver enzymes

* Block insulin effects

* Weaken muscle enzymes and interrupt muscle physiology which is crucial for the prevention of diabetes. * Increase total body burden of synthetic chemicals.

Please read other articles in my cholesterol library for the evidence that natural, un-rancid (un-oxidised) cholesterol prevents heart disease. See links below.

Here is an article from Bloomberg News.

Statin therapy appears to increase men’s risk for type 2 diabetes.

Bloomberg News (3/5, Cortez) reports, “Millions of people take pills known as statins each year to lower their cholesterol levels.” Now, “a new study shows the medicine also raises their risk of developing diabetes.”

TIME (3/5, Park) reports that the study published online March 4 in the journal Diabetologia suggests that “men prescribed statins to lower their cholesterol had a 46% greater chance of developing diabetes after six years compared to those who weren’t taking the drug.” In addition, “the statins seemed to make people more resistant to the effects of insulin—which breaks down sugar—and to secrete less insulin.” Time adds, “For patients who may not yet be diabetic, but are vulnerable to developing the disease and also may need a statin, Dr. Neil Stone, lead author of the 2013 American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association cholesterol guidelines, says he stresses the importance of lifestyle changes in diet and exercise.”

Medscape (3/5, Davenport) reports that researchers arrived at these conclusions after investigating “the effects of statin treatment on blood glucose control and the risk for type 2 diabetes in 8749 nondiabetic men age 45 to 73 years in a 6-year follow-up of the population-based Metabolic Syndrome in Men (METSIM) trial.”

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