Molecular Biology of Oxygen and Tyranny of Medical Specialization

Majid Ali, M.D.

Specialization in medicine is a physician constriction. Medical specialists are limited doctors. The antidote for the Specialization is a serious study of molecular biology of oxygen. Knowledge of oxygen signaling delineates the links between the colon and the lung and exposes the folly of being a gastroenterologist or a pulmonolgist. Learning oxygen’s ATP generation functions defines the primacy of circulating blood over coronary arteries and asserts the hollowness of the distinction between cardiologists and hematologists. An understanding of oxygen’s detergent functions and gummed-up cell membranes reveals the essential relatedness of the liver and the brain and shows the frivolity of separating hepatologists from neurologists. An understanding of oxygen’s oxygen’s cellular detox functions establishes the connectivity between insulin toxicity, clogging of kidneys, and dialysis, and unmasks the simple-mindedness of distinguishing between nephrologists and endocrinologists.

Acute illnesses, other than those triggered by trauma, are seldom departures from health. Heart attacks, strokes, kidney and liver failure, colitis and gastritis do not descend from Mount Olympus. A few minutes of listening to the patient reveals the truth. However, this requires healing-literacy. Thais does not happen with mere disease-literacy, drug-literacy, and device-literacy.

Molecular Biology of Oxygen Course

I offer two courses on molecular biology of oxygen: Molecular Biology of Oxygen Basics and Molecular Biology of Oxygen and Molecular Biology of Oxygen Advanced.

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