Pre-Alzheimer’s Is Insulin Toxicity

Majid Ali, M.D

The rising incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, in my view, is rooted in insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism). This is a strong claim and requires strong evidence. In this article, I introduce the term “pre-Alzheimer’s” to refer to state of insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) accompanied by brain dysfunction that set the stage for the development of Alzheimer’s disease. My primary purpose is to highlight the central role of insulin toxicity in the development of personality and memory deficits that characterize Alzheimer’s disease but can be largely arrested and reversed to varying degrees by modifying or reversing hyperinsulinism. In this first article of my “I-Pre-Alzheimer’s Series,” I summarize my previous published clinical, microscopic, and microscopic observations that led me to propose the “insulin-Alzheimer’s hypothesis (I-Pre-Alzheimer’s seems an appropriate term in this age of I-Pad, I-Phone, and related I-things.)

Specifically, I offer a bibliography of my past publications in which I:

1. Relate my early clinical observations that led me to recognize the interconnectedness of altered states of biology ecology, gut fermentation, mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin toxicity, cognitive difficulties, and memory loss. 2. Present summarize my previously published microscopic and biochemical findings that provide the scientific underpinnings of the insulin-Alzheimer’s hypothesis;

3. Establish hyperinsulinism as a definable and modifiable pathologic entity;

4. Marshal epidemiologic evidence the pre-Alzheimer’s state;

5. Offer guidelines for natural remedies to modify or reverse hyperinsulinism;

6. Offer guidelines for a program of preserving and/or enhancing brain health.; and

7. To emphasize the need for considering the problems of hyperinsulinism and dementia-Alzheimer’s continuum within broad evolutionary, metabolic, and enevironmental perspectives to recognize their essential relatedness.

For further reading on the subject, I refer readers to my article entitled “Pre-Alzheimer’s USA” posted at

For physicians, scientists, and other serious readers with biology background interested in an in-depth study of the above subjects, I suggest the 10th, 11th, and 12th volumes of my 14-volume textbook entitled “The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.” My book entitled “Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Reversal Plan” is available in print and digitized formats at Following is a partial list of articles offered free of cost at,, and

List of Pertinent publications:

1. Dr. Ali’s Brain Course

2. Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course

3. Ali M. Beyond insulin resistance and syndrome X: The oxidative-dysoxygenative insulin dysfunction (ODID) model. J Capital University of Integrative Medicine. 2001;1:101-141.

4. Ali M.The Dysox Model of Diabetes and De-Diabetization Potential. Townsend Letter-The examiner of Alternative Medicine. 2007; 286:137-145.

5. Ali M. Townsend Letter-The examiner of Alternative Medicine. 2009;315:105-109. October, 2009.

6. Ali M. Insulin Reduction and EDTA Chelation: Two Potent and Complementary Approaches For Preventing and Reversing Coronary Disease. Oxygen, Insulin Toxicity, Inflammation, and the Clinical Benefits of Chelation – Part II. Townsend Letter-The examiner of Alternative Medicine. 2010;323:74-79. June 2010.

7. Ali M. Oxygen, Darwin’s Drones, and Diabetes. Volume 1—Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes. 2011. New York, Canary 21 Press.

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