My Oxygen Eureka Moment and Evolution-in-Reverse Insights

Majid Ali, M.D.

The simple notion that disease states represent states of dysfunctional oxygen metabolism, a reversal to primordial conditions hit me with the energy of a eureka moment. It was the evolution-in-reverse moment for me. In a flash, I discerned the possibility of finding answers not only to the so–called mystery maladies—fibromyalgia, polyarthralgia, chronic fatigue syndromes were among those in vogue then—but also the fundamental energetic-molecular basis of common degenerative disorders, such as diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. During the next decade, I focused on high-resolution phase-contrast mircoscopy of living blood cells and the study of ATP generation in Krebs cycle. Specifically, I looked for evidence for respiratory-to-fermentative (RTF) shift in cellular ATP energy generation—yeastization of human cells, so to speak.

In 1998, I published an extensive survey of origin-of-life studies and added my own clinical, biochemical, and microscopic observations in The Journal of Integrative Medicine. I chose the title “Oxidative Regression to Primordial Cellular Ecology (ORPEC)” to underscore the importance of the for respiratory-to-fermentative shift in chronic diseases.

I followed that with several studies in which I correlated microscopic and biochemical findings in various clinical and pathological entities with the degrees of RTF shift. In all twelve volumes of my textbook “The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine,” I attempted to look at health/dis-ease/disease continuum through the prism of oxygen homeostasis with an evolutionary perspective. Simply stated, I sought to eaxmine how toxicities of foods, environments, and thoughts—deep disappointment of life have reached unprecedented scales—imperil fundamental cellular energetics and set the stage for the development of disease.

Respiratory-to-Fermentative (RTF) Shift in ATP Generation (Dysox State)

Simply stated, in a disease state the high-efficiency respiratory-ATP generation is degraded to a low-efficiency fermentative ATP production. I introduced the term dysoxygenosis—dysox for short—to refer to this degradative metabolic shift. To explain the basic idea to my patient, I also introduced the term dysfunctional oxygen metabolism for dysoxygenosis. With this introduction, below I present some of the classical origin-of-life scientific studies.

Evolution-In-Reverse Series

Please consider other articles in my Evolution-In-Reverse Series for a deeper understanding of the boundary between health and the state of absence of health.

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