Only Rancid Oxidized) Cholesterol Is Bad for the Heart

Majid Ali, M.D.

Is healthy cholesterol bad for the heart. No, it isn’t! Is rancid (oxidized) cholesterol bad for the heart. Yes, it is.

Why is this crucial issue of rancidity of cholesterol never discussed on the television or the news media? Because people who profit from health illiteracy do not pay anyone to promote healing literacy.

If you believe the media, coronary heart disease is a plumbing problem. Celebrities talk about their coronary stents. Presidents exalt their coronary bypass procedures. On public television, celebrity hosts exhort the virtues of Lipitor, Crestor, and related statin drugs to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Do doctors know that only oxidized and rancid cholesterol is bad for the heart? Most do. If they do, why don’t medical journals speak up forcefully on the subject? For the answer, may I suggest you read my article entitled “Statinex.”

Go to the companion article entitled “Keeping Cholesterol Healthy and Unrancid” for valuable tips about natural remedies for this purpose and consider other questions in “Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course.”

Simple Cholesterol Questions

When Cholesterol Drugs May Be Justified

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