A Daughter’s Poop Makes Her Mom Obese – A Fecal Implant Story

Majid Ali, M.D.

About twenty years ago, I was asked to speak at a fibromyalgia-fatigue conference in Michigan. The speaker before me presented his idea of fecal implants to “cure” fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. His plan was to radiate the patient’s bowel to eradicate the bowel flora and, as he put it, “re-populate the bowel with fecal implant. I was horrified. When I reached the podium after him, I heard my self ask “Couldn’t we think of putting the patient out of misery by some other, faster, more human way?” I heard the audience chuckle and immediately recognized my indiscretion. I have often thought and regretted my words. But the words which once leave one’s lips never return.

The notion of treating a disease by inserting one person’s poop into another would be amusing if it were not saddening. How can anyone be so profoundly ignorant about crucial ecologic concerns about the colon flora and how it coexists with the flora of the small intestine, stomach, and the oral cavity? I wondered then and I wonder when I continue to hear about fecal implants.

I discuss this subject in my 40-minute video seminar entitled “The Seed-Feed–and-Weed Approach to Bowel Health” available at http://www.AliAcademy.org.

A Woman Became Obese After a Poop Transplant

This is the title of a case report Sarah Zhang. The report concerns a woman who gained 36 pounds and became obese in the 16 months after a fecal transplant. Here is an excerpt from that report: “The 32-year-old woman had maintained an average weight her entire life, according to a case report in Open Forum Infection Disease. Then she fell sick with Clostridium difficile, a gut infection that is difficult to cure with antibiotics but very easy to treat with a fecal transplant, which replaces the entire gut microbiota with one from someone healthy. The woman’s donor was her 16-year-old daughter, who weighed 140 pounds at the time but later went up to 170 pounds.” …”After her fecal transplant, the woman started packing on pounds and couldn’t lose it, despite “medically supervised liquid protein diet and exercise program.” She ended up at 177 pounds and suffered from constipation and bad digestion.”

For full article, please click at the link given below.:



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