Gluten Sensitivity – Two Most Revealing Questions

Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article on my Gluten Course

I have cared for a large number of patients with the so-called gluten sensitivity. This clinical experience has raised two questions which seem not to interest the “gluten gurus” of this time:

1. How long has what wheat nourished humankind?

2. Why did gluten protein in wheat become toxic in the last forty years?

Breaking Bread 300,000 Years Ago

In October 2000, a 300,000 year-old hearth was found in a central part of Qesem Cave, an archeological site about five miles east of Tel Aviv in Israel. Retrieved from the cave ashes was evidence for the earliest known “baking the bread together” in the form of circular loaf of bread with scoring marks, baked for easy dividing. The cave is dated to have housed early humans from before 382,000 to around 200,000 years ago during the Lower Paleolithic.

Why Did Gluten Protein in Wheat Become Toxic?

Because the chemical roosters came home to roost in the last forty years or so. What is the basis of this statement? Celiac diseases (gluten sensitivcity, gluten enteropathy) was uncommon when I was appointed as the chief pathologist of a major hospital and served on the faculty of Columbia University. I signed off on many biopsies done to diagnosis celiac disease with descriptions of non-specific changes seen in many forms of gut inflammation, including celiac diseases. Now in December 2014, nearly everyone seems to be gluten sensitvity considering what fills the isles of food stores.

Gluten Sensitivity Is Gut Fermentation

Most of my chronically ill “gluten-sensitive” patients can tolerate pasta or pizza once a week or so when the underlying problems of gut fermentation, leaky gut state, and impaired ATP energy generation can be effectively addressed. I anticipate challenge to this statement from some gluten enthusiasts. My response: I am respectful of opposing points of view but I only believe my patients, my microscopes, and my lab analyzers.

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