Dr. Ali’s Gluten Sensitivity Course

Majid Ali, M.D.

This course comprises articles listed below as well as a library of my videos on Vimeo.com and other video platforms. The articles in the course address the following issues:

1. Why didn’t gluten make masses of people sick in past millennia?

2. Why is gluten making masses of people sick now?

3. Can most chronically ill “gluten-sensitive” patients tolerate pasta or pizza once a week or so when the underlying problems of gut fermentation, leaky gut state, and impaired ATP energy generation can be effectively addressed.

List of Articles Included in the Course

1. What Is Gluten?

2. What Is Gluten Sensitivity?

3. What Is Celiac Disease?

4. Gluten Sensitivity Is Always Associated With Leaky Gut State

5. Oxygen Model of Gluten Sensitivity.

6. A Prediction; Gluten Will Be Blamed for Nearly All Chronic Diseases

7 . Gluten Alternatives

8. Dr. Ali’s Anti-Fermentation Protocol for Gluten Sensitivity

9. Dr. Ali’s Seed-Feed-Weed Protocol for Gluten Sensitivity

10. What Is Pseudoceliac Disorder

11. Non-coeliac Gluten Sensitivity and Depression

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