Why Did Wheat Become Toxic for Humans – After 300,000 Years or So?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Wheat more than any other grain sustained the human populations throughout history. Wheat allowed our species to continue to proliferate against all odds and spread all over the planet. Here is the core question concerning the epidemic of gluten sensitivity: why did wheat become toxic for humans – after 300,000 years or so? (See the companion article entitled “Gluten – Two Most Revealing Questions” for details)

It would not take anyone too long to find writers which blame gluten for every disease – from irritable bowel syndrome to GERD to fibromyalgia to autism to heart disease to interstitial cystitis to prostatitis. How could a protein family that nourished our species for thousands of years worldwide cause every disease?

The answer: It is not wheat, nor gluten. Here is the truth. Our planet is fermenting. Our oceans are fermenting. Our fish are fermenting. Our land is fermenting. Plants are fermenting. Animals are fermenting, And so are people. Fermenting guts grow yet larger populations of fermenting microbes, which produce fermentation toxins and make themselves leaky. Ultimately the cells cannot breathe their air, sicken, and die.

Gluten sensitvity is not caused by just one chemical or one microbe, or one food, or one type of toxic thought.

In my poetry book Drone Democracy (2011), I included a poem entitled “Did Angels Stops Singing?” to offer my images of what causes our childrens’ guts to ferment. Below, I offer this poem. Some of my videos on the subject follow the poem.

Did Angels Stop Singing?

In ocean’s toxic ooze,

a dolphin,

the ocean’s canary,

circled like an inmate

in an asylum.

How do I breathe oil?

An octopus asked.

How do I eat tar?

a turtle choked.

“How do I unglue my wings,

O’ Oil-monster?”

a black bird convulsed.


loyal to its primal rhythm,

true to its inner fathom,

The ocean breathed,

the planet’s breath.

Life begot death.

Death begot life.

Nature celebrated

its eternal strife.


Earth’s belly stabbed

by eco-monsters.

As a drunken medic might,

cut open a soldier’s bowels,

never trained to repair

gaping and festering wounds.

Its crust gapping,

the Earth heaved.

Spewing fires

the ocean seethed.

Pelicans died,

Politicians lied,

Oil-monsters thrived,

Demented officials survived.

Ocean’s old equilibrium busted,



Oxyphils suffocated,

Oxyphobes luxuriated.

Eternal oxygen order violated,

People perished,

Animals and plants

Suffered and sickened.

Decades after

The Earth’s belly oozed,

Ocean fermented and fumed,

In toddlers guts,

Sugar-fed critters zoomed.

Stomach health ruined,

For decades, for some,

Forever for the doomed.

The Earth trembled,

The heaven screamed,

The deep ocean seethed,

The music ceased.

Did angels stop singing?


Did people stop hearing?

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