Healthy Blood, Unhealthy Blood

Majid Ali, M.D.

Healthy blood, healthy body. Unhealthy blood, unhealthy body. Sour blood, sour body. Clean blood, clean body. These are simple words. The microscopic photographs of blood presented tell the tory. Look at the three photographs of circulating blood (Figures 1 to 3) and try to imagine how the blood in the three figures might flow and carry oxygen and nutrients differently in them.   

Figure 1 shows how healthy blood looks under a microscope. Blood cells are regular in outline, have smooth surfaces that do not stick to each other.
Figure 2 shows ghost outline of some dead cells at 10 O’ clock position while other cells at 4,5 O’ clock positions have irregular shapes. The large immune cells in the center fields are cramped together.
Figure 3 shows a large blood clot in the center field with entrapped and broken blood cells as well as yeast-like structures embedded in the clot. 

 Dr. Ali’s L

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